Orlux has been active for more than 50 years already in the world of bird nutrition. The continuous striving for innovation and improvement of bird feed makes Orlux a renowned trademark in the domain of eggfood and softbills.
For over 15 years, Orlux belongs to Versele-Laga. After the take-over, Orlux developed extremely well through the dynamism of its range and the exportation of its products to 60 different countries worldwide. Through this dynamic, the plant at that time in "Roeselare" became too small already very soon.
In order to obtain the necessary capacity, the construction of a new production unit in Ooigem was decided in 1995. In 1997 the location in the centre of Roeselare was left and a new building along the channel "Roeselare-Leie" in Ooigem was inaugurated. Here, the most advanced technologies, adopted from the food processing and packaging industries, were applied. This meant the complete breakthrough and we may say that Orlux has become 'number 1 in the world' of its domain today.

 Already from the very start of Orlux, quality control has been a very important aspect in the whole production process. This control has always been a determining factor for the success of the Orlux products. The success of the many top breeders, who trust our products, furnishes proof of it. For many years, all procedures have been embedded in a uality manual based on the GMP principles (Good Manufacturing Practice).

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