Avizoon is a Portuguese company established in 1990, primarily to support and provide all Bird owners the biggest and best range of products for birds in captivity, including: Canaries, Parakeets, Exotic, European Fauna, and Parrots.

We didn't forget the Race Pigeons, which we have made a special line of high efficiency.
With a team of specialists, Avizoon has indeed a unique range of products, including: multivitamins for several seasons, worming, disinfectants and antibiotics for multiple microbial diseases.

Avizoon has also the exclusive representation of several reputable international brands of porridge and other foods specific to the various species of birds as well as for other types of pets including Dogs, Cats, Fishes, Rodents and Reptiles.

Today, more than 25 years after, Avizoon is proud to support thousands of bird breeders, treating, feeding and saving your birds throughout the country and the around the globe.

Avizoon is a company that "speaks from Bird Breeder to Bird Breeder"!

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