Because extruded food isn't all the same!

Pretty Bird are highly sophisticated extruded food, with compositions carefully and scientifically formulated to meet very specific requirements of any Bird.Pretty Bird Food 

Of American origin, developed in Pretty Bird Aviation Research Institute and subject to extensive testing in reputed ornithological parks, complete feedingstuffs rational Pretty Bird have several special formulas and specific, complete and properly balanced in both proteins, fats and carbohydrates, as in vitamins, amino acids and minerals, difficult or even impossible to find in doses of the usual seed mixtures.

The advantages of Pretty Bird are numerous:

More health and nutricional value for birds
Unlike seed mixtures, contains all necessary nutrients and are free of dust, fungi and microscopic organisms adverse.

Less waste, more health and less workPretty Bird Gama
There is no waste nor shells, which in mixtures of seeds can reach 18-69%, allowing also a lower frequency in cleaning cages and facilities.

Less consumption and greater economy
Apparently higher price than the seeds, will be approximately the same cost of traditional foods, because the birds, to assimilate fully granulated, consume it in smaller quantities and still not require multiple additional supplements.

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