Vet Products

CARNI-MIX powder


A well-balanced blend of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, β-carotene, Florastimul® and L-carnitine specially developed for birds of prey. This product keeps birds of prey in top condition and accelerates growth and development of young birds. Carni-Mix is administrated for optimal skeletal development, in cases of calcium deficiency and/or vitamin D deficiency and for perfect skin and feather structure. Carni-Mix ensures a strong egg shell, the optimal growth of young birds, a healthy skeleton with strong bonds, perfect skin and feather structure and increases the body's resistance. This dietary supplement was specially developed for birds of prey and helps to prevent common disorders caused by an unbalanced diet (e.g. calcium deficiency and vitamin D deficiency).

Brand : OroPharma
Package : 500 g
Species : All species of birds
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