Science at the service of your pets

Each product is the result of many years of research and development. For a lot of projects, Oropharma has been
working together with several universities and research centers both in Belgium and abroad.  This cooperation led to
the development of high quality medication and feed supplements for pigeons and cage birds.
 Before an Oropharma product is launched on the market, it is extensively tested for safety, effectiveness and quality.
The tests are realized under the supervision of a team of experts. The Oropharma research-team consists of veteri-
 narians, pharmacists and biologists. The research tests are not only conducted in our own Pet Research Center but
also in the field by professional breeders and experienced champions.

De raw materials and packagings that we use correspond all to the high Oropharma quality standards
and are strictly controlled. A sample of every production batch is extensively checked and kept as
legally prescribed.
 Our veterinary preparations are manufactured according to GMP-regulations (Good Manufacturing
Practice). The quality of a product can only be guaranteed if the entire production process is
carefully monitored and controlled.
 The label "Developed and tested by Oropharma", mentioned on the Health & Care products of
Versele-Laga, guarantees you quality and reliability.
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