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A dietary supplement for birds for an optimal liver function and a good moult. It is a unique liver tonic based on sulphuric amino acids, biotin, sorbitol and vitamin B12. Avi-Chol ensures optimal growth, perfect plumage development and pigmentation in young birds as well as perfect plumage development and pigmentation in moulting birds. This product also promotes the elimination of waste products from colour pigments and medicines. Optimal liver function is crucial to your bird's health. Your bird's liver is subject to additional strain when colour pigments (coloured canaries) are administered. Administering medicines also puts strain on your bird's liver. Hence the importance of administering a supplement that supports the liver. Avi-Chol contains the active components (methionine, choline, biotin, vitamin B12 and sorbitol) required for optimal liver function resulting in a perfect, glossy plumage and pigmentation.

Brand : OroPharma
Package : 250 ml
Species : All species of birds
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